Last night, Urus was brought back from extinction, and the world’s first super sport utility vehicle made it’s Los Angeles debut. The night wouldn’t have been possible without some amazing partners!  Thank you to Absolut Elyx, The Bad Stuff Tequila, Chloe + Mint, JP LogisticsPerrier-JouetRoger Dubuis, and Treats! Magazine! The elusive venue and fiction to many, was the other worldly, Popsicle Studios LA.

If you’re not so familiar with the venue, the wall-to-wall paneled ceiling lights and the sleek concrete interior provided the perfect setting for the future of Lamborghini.  And speaking of Lamborghini we filled the room with the DNA and history of the brand.  Displayed outside we had the current model range of the Aventador S and the Huracan Performante, as well as JP Logistics beautiful jewelry box providing lighting to the space with a Miura displayed inside.  Inside the venue, guests were able to see the infamous LM002 Military vehicle produced in the 80s with the heart of a Countach,  the first production vehicle, the 350GT, and the new and very limited Roger Dubuis Collectors edition of the Huracan Super Trofeo Evo.  We also loved to see the many celebrities and influencers that made it out for this special evening.  James Maslow, Steve Vai, Gilles Marini, Claudia Salinas, Cassandra Dawn, Mike Tornabene, and Fabio Lanzoni, just to name a few!

Guests had the chance to lounge on the amazingly beautiful furniture provided by Northerners Collective, Lamborghini’s partner for the global lounges that have been popping up recently, while sipping on cocktails. Absolute Elyx helped us create a menu where one could choose their Anima for the night!  The options included Strada, Sport, Corsa, and Neve, and if vodka isn’t a favorite, our second bar provided the opportunity to sip on snifters of The Bad Stuff Tequila. And finally in true Italian fashion, guests were treated to fresh baked pizza, which was fired in a custom-built oven courtesy of Prova Pizzeria.

Just before 9 PM, guests were invited to gather around the covered Urus for the grand reveal. Brand Manager, Edoardo Piscopo, welcomed the crowd as he told the story of the conception of Urus.  As the audience anxiously waited for the SSUV to be unveiled, several figures came forward from the shadows of the room. A low droning beat began to grow louder and faster as the women in black cat suits surrounded the vehicle.  The ceiling pulsing with the music. And then the beat dropped!  Zen Arts LA choreographed a magnificent performance show casing the vehicle.  As the cover came off, the venue went black, and the crowd cheered wildly!  The lights came back on and as the girls finished their performance, our guests and clients could not wait to see the vehicle for themselves. After the opportunity to see the car, the celebration didn’t stop. The room went completely dark and filled with smoke while the ceiling went blue, and the performers made their way back out joining the crowd inviting them on to the dance floor.

We hope that this was a night that everyone will remember as we welcomed the Lamborghini Urus into Los Angeles!  Don’t forget to check out the gallery below, photography by Robert Grubbs CLICK HERE to watch the event recap by Dustin Williams at Legends Media.