This month, we were able to work with Mayor Lili Bosse, on a project of hers.  She is working towards a healthier city with her #BHHealthyCity campaign.  A part of this campaign includes taking a walking tour of local businesses every Monday morning.  On January 8th, the first walk of the year, we were lucky to have been one of the local businesses on the route! As many of you may already know, O’Gara Coach has recently acquired the McLaren Franchise from an already existing business, so with every event we hope to push not only the awareness of the McLaren brand, but also the O’Gara name!  Mayor Bosse’s”BOLD” campaign color paired up perfectly with McLaren’s flagship color.  Both associate with a striking shade of orange, and the #BHHealthyCity accessories matched the cars in the showroom perfectly. Beverly Hills is lucky to have a Mayor that is willing to start every work week in the public eye with these morning walks.  This upcoming Monday, January 29th the Mayor will be back out in Beverly Hills with all of you!  To join the walk, meet at Beverly Hills City Hall with a pair of walking shoes, a water bottle and an enthusiasm for all things Beverly Hills!  The businesses you will be visiting along the way are Beverliz Cafe, and Amorino Gelato.  To gather more information regarding the walks, CLICK HERE, and feel free to stop by the showroom.  Enjoy the gallery below!