What’s on your ideal party mixtape? No good event is complete without the music to set the atmosphere. The cassette tape is a notable development in this history because it marked the first time that people could easily create their own collections of songs for replay. The music consumer could now be a creator, flexing their individuality and putting together the perfect playlist of songs. Those tapes get woven into our memories and offer us the chance to go back to some of our best moments.

Veuve Clicquot gives us reason to celebrate with their limited edition tribute to the cassette tape as part of its Retro, Chic! gift collection. The project is meant to take us back to the beauty of retro aesthetics and remind us of our best stories and joyous memories. The collection features six different box designs referencing classic cassettes. Of course, the tapes can be personalized just like the cassettes that inspired them so that each one is unique for its owner.