The 600LT by McLaren. A track focused supercar that continues to impress critics and owners alike. The 600LT has become the new benchmark by which other track focused cars are compared. At McLaren Beverly Hills, we wanted to take a car already beautiful and unique and dial it up a notch.

Carbon is something commonly seen on cars of this caliber. It’s almost harder to find supercars without carbon these days. This particular car however takes it a step further. Red carbon makes up the majority of the parts not painted Silica White. The side skirts, front and read diffuser, door inserts, fender vents, mirrors and most impressively, the entire roof and roof scoop. What has become one of the most sought after MSO (McLaren Special Operations) options on the 600LT, is made even more spectacular when seen in red carbon .

The red doesn’t stop on the outside of this everyday track weapon. The addition of the the carbon seats, originally seen in the McLaren Senna, really set this car apart. This car is a 1 of 1 spec and something that will make you stand out of the crowd. Available now at McLaren Beverly Hills.