Valhalla. A term from old Norse Mythology signifying a place for warriors to be honored. A place that pays respects to those that came before them.

Aston Martin, with its storied history and legendary status spanning the last century, has produced many incredible vehicles. The DBR1. The DB5. The Vanquish. The One-77. The Vulcan. All of these cars exquisitely designed and beautifully crafted. The Valhalla is no different. This vehicle takes 100 years of iconic Aston Martin heritage and looks 100 years into the future. Appearing like nothing else on the road the Valhalla gives automotive fans hope for a future full of inspiring design. After the car was featured at Pebble Beach, it was time for it to travel throughout the states making appearances. First stop, Aston Martin Beverly Hills.

Not only would O’Gara would be the first US dealer to launch the Valhalla, Art Director and in house Creative Photographer Robert Grubbs would among the first to photograph it. In his four years with O’Gara, Grubbs has photographed some extraordinary cars, but this one felt different. To properly capture a car this unique, it would need a unique location. There have been no shortage of expensive cars photographed in front of palatial LA homes. We went in a different direction. One of the largest and most industrial locations available for rent. The results of the shoot were featured by most major automotive publications as we well as Aston Martin Global.

The difficulty in all of this was that the shoot and event had to be the same day. Now to launch a vehicle, even one as special as this, most dealers would do the standard showroom event with hors d’oeuvres and Champagne. There would be some background music while everyone goes through the motions waiting to see the car so they can leave. O’Gara isn’t most dealerships. The marketing team it employs is some of the best in the industry. Enter Nacole Gray, our Marketing and Events Director. Working in tandem with Grubbs, the unique plan was put into place. Utilize the massive grungy warehouse in LA’s skid row for not only the photo shoot but the launch as well. That wasn’t all. We decided to chauffeur our clients to the location so they would have no idea what to expect. Through the creative brilliance of Gray, the evening would have a London Underground theme to play off the industrial surrounding the car would be staged in. Our models wore dark, edgy looks to add to the intensity of the ambiance . The event was brief but impactful. Not only was this an incredible car, but the experience surrounding it made it truly unforgettable.