Last night in Beverly Hills, at the home of famed Trainer Gunnar Peterson, and icon was unveiled. 13 years ago the Phantom was reintroduced into the Rolls-Royce lineup. The flagship vehicle of one of the most prestigious car companies in the world, would become synonymous with wealth and success.  But after 13 years it was time for a change, and at 8:32 last night, we showed how amazing change can be.

The new Phantom 8 is a improvement on it’s predecessor in every conceivable way. Built so that every car is one of one, we knew that we needed to create an experience to match the legendary cars reputation. Enter Gunnar Peterson. The personal trainer to the stars was gracious enough to let us use his gorgeous estate for our special unveiling. With an incredible backyard we were able to set up a truly first class experience. We were able to toast the night away thanks to Casa Dragones, Ruinart Champagne, and St. Petersburg Vodka.  Guests were able to lounge in style on amazing furniture provided by Fendi Casa and take home memories courtesy of Dot Photobooth.

When the time came for unveiling the phantom we had guest MC John Henson kick things off. After some jokes at the expense of attending Lakers players, we started the music, pulled back the cover and let everyone take in the amazing car before them. The night was made even more special with celebrities Kendall Jenner and DJ Khaled in attendance.  And while the car was the star of the show, one of the most popular attractions was the interactive wall that let guests literally become the spirit of ecstasy. Below are some of the highlights from the incredible event. This was a night to celebrate the evolution of an icon, and we did just that.