Last September, Lamborghini debuted something very special. The Sian. Not only is it the most powerful car the company has ever produced, with 819 horsepower. It is also one of the rarest, with just 63 examples. Today however, the fabled car maker decided to take it a little further and unveiled an even more exclusive, Sian Roadster.

Now the roadster isn’t a huge departure from the coupe in terms of design, but for whatever reason, gives the car a different feel. It still carries over all the wild design language we hope is a glimpse at the future of the brand. As we all know the Aventador which debuted in 2012 is ready for its V12 successor to arrive. If history is any indication, an ultra rare, ultra expensive model is released and it’s often followed by a slightly tamed more production friendly version for the showroom floor. See the Lamborghini Reventon before the Aventador. With the Sian we’re also getting a glimpse at the future of what will power these vertical doored beasts.

The engine that puts the Sian at the top of the Lamborghini food chain is borrowed from the fire-breathing Aventador SVJ  but adds a 48-volt mild-hybrid system for a total output is 819 horsepower. All that power pushed the Sian to 60MPH in under 3 seconds and will top out at around 218MPH

With 63 of the Sian being built only 19 of the roaster will be produced, and it’s no surprise that yes, they are already sold out. With less than 20 cars seeing the road, it is quite possible to never see a Sian Roadster in person. But then again we are O’Gara, and we have been known to get our hands on cars no one else can.