We recently sat down with our incredibly talented videographer, Luca Brinciotti, about his backstory, and what have been his favorite pieces to work on during his time at O’Gara.

“I have always defined myself as an “aesthetic person”, and by that, I mean that I constantly seek for the best looking and visually-pleasing qualities in everything that I see.  

I was born and raised in Rome, and I since I was a kid, I always wanted to be an artist. I started with drawing at an early age; I used to draw my dreams and nightmares at the breakfast table. My parents are both really passionate about film so they always showed a good selection of movies growing up.  The movie that made me realize I wanted to be a director was “A Clockwork Orange” – I could talk about that movie for hours. Gaming was (and is) a great part of my life; I actually learned how to edit producing compilation of professional online gaming footage.  

After high school I got my bachelor degree in Film Studies in Rome at the University of “La Sapienza”. After that I decided to move to the US to get my Master in Filmmaking. Right after college, I started to work as a director for short films, but wasn’t able to make a stable living. This is when I decided to edit full time. I edited any kind of content: short films, feature films, music videos, documentaries, commercials, etc.  

After a while I decided that it wasn’t enough for me and I wanted to get back at shooting and directing, so I invested in camera equipment and I started shooting events and weddings. I loved it right away. The feeling that I was able to be a one-man team made me realize the potential of my service for the clients. After being recommended for the job, I finally got to work for O’Gara Beverly Hills in 2018.  

I remember shooting my first Sunset GT, and I have to say that, it was quite an amazing experience. I always loved cars; my grandpa had a huge Burago collection in his house. I remember falling in love with two cars in particular from his collection: a red Ferrari Testarossa and a Lancia delta integrale. Right now, my relationship with O’Gara is great, I feel like I’m part of a big family. The experiences i’ve had in the last 2 years have been insane and I will never forget them. I look to see what the future will bring with my work at O’Gara!” 

Legend | “Everything started with a “normal” shoot at the Thermal Club. Robert Grubbs and I had to shoot three gorgeous McLaren Senna XP’s. The overcast weather inspired me to get the best out of those unique cars. I already know after the shoot that the footage had some good potential. My Father is a great fan of Formula 1 and specifically of Ayrton Senna; I still remember the tragic day he passed away during that tragic car accident in 1994. Once I started editing the footage I decided to create a reel of Senna’s career trying to make it live through the stunning shapes of the three McLaren’s.”

What’s Your Legacy | “The ambition behind this shoot was high. We had a decent budget but almost not time to deliver the whole piece together. Thanks to Adam Maffei we made it happen. Shooting in the middle of a lake bed was breathtaking.The whole team worked perfectly, everyone had a great time. The Ghosts looked like a work of art in that setting more than cars. I will always remember the feeling I had when we loaded up the cars at the end of the day: sunset in the middle of the desert, the sun was coming through the clouds (it almost rained that day) and goosebumps were running all over my body.”

Collective | “O’Gara is hands down a unique brand, not just a dealership. The events they create, the services they offer and the team is composed by the most talented people in the game. Having created video for them for the last year and half I realized how many great experiences I had. I feel the Collective video was a great opportunity to underline the greatness of O’Gara.”

Vahalla Launch | “Let me say that creating a video for this event was super easy. Nacole Gray and Robert Grubbs created a unique event for the launch. The atmosphere, the lights, the unveiling and of course the car were super cinematic.” 

Elva Launch | “Hands down one of the most gorgeous houses I have ever seen in my life. Again the event was marvelous, there was so much content to capture. The McLaren Elva is incredible, I have never seen anything like that. It felt like a new element so i decided to cut in some natural elements (the moon, water, sky) that would make looke the car like a natural creation more than a machine.”