Famed designer Tom Dixon has recently announced his plans for this year’s London Design Festival. His London headquarters will be transformed into an “OCTAGON” exhibition. The new design installation will see the space divided equally into eight different architectural sections, each one showing a different aspect of Dixon’s designs.

Within the eight spaces there includes a pop-up bar showcasing the brand’s new barware collection. There will be a space dubbed the “Fat Lounge” which will display new lounge pieces including chaise lounges, sofas and stools. The two-level space will also feature a “Disco” area and a “Spiral Lounge.”

Also within the installation, Dixon will reveal new pieces from his Mass collection in the area called “Elementary Systems”. Celebrating it’s 30 year history there will be a feature on his famous “S Chair” and its different interpretations. The last two spaces in the exhibition are a perfumery lab, featuring new incense gift sets and a candle refilling station, and the “Pattern Masterclass” in the shop.

“So many ideas! So many new stories! “OCTAGON” represents eight facets of our hyperactive, constantly evolving brand. After successfully launching “OCTAGON” in Shanghai in June, we are delighted to introduce the concept to London. Visitors will experience eight different architectural spaces, each telling a story inspired by our designs.” said Dixon

“OCTAGON” will be open at the London Coal Office from September 12 until September 20. After its London Design Festival run, Dixon will then be turning the experience into a traveling exhibition to visit other cities.