Over the weekend Lamborghini North America invited us out along with a few of our clients to push their cars to the limits!  The event took place at The Thermal Club, home to many other performance driving schools, and the perfect place to experience super cars.  From slaloming in the Aventador S to hot laps in the Huracan Performante the cars were driven to their fullest potential!

The day started out by getting familiar with the track in the Huracan and Aventador S.  In the Huracan, our clients had the opportunity to drive the cars following an instructor that was coaching them through the turns.  In the Aventador S, slaloming was the task at hand!  The instructor first exemplified and then the client took over.  Once the warm up was over the Performantes came out and the fun began! Hot lap after hot lap, our clients had the chance to really understand the Performante for what it is.  What makes the Performante performance that much better one may ask? Well the Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva, better known as ALA here in the states, gives the car the ability to redirect and shape the air around it.  And this enhancement makes  a world of difference.  The predecessor, the Huracan 610-4, isn’t that far off from the Performante’s 640 horsepower.  But when it came to the Nürburgring, the ALA system along with 30 more horsepower helped shave down 28 seconds from the lap time! While driving and turning the steering wheel, the ALA system is responding to your every move.  This is happening to give you more traction and confidence while taking the turns!

This was what we wanted our customers to experience.  A feature that you can only experience in the Performante.  We hope that our clients enjoyed their time and thank you to Lamborghini North America for setting up the event!