When you offer the worlds best automobiles, it helps to have a venue where owners can push these cars to their limits. Since 2015, we at O”Gara Coach have been providing our clients the opportunity to take their cars, regardless of make, out on to a full fledged Race Track. Before we talk about the experience, first a little background on the track itself.

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Thermal Club is North America’s premier private experiential motorsports club.  Renowned racetrack designer Alan Wilson  has crafted 5.1 miles of track, complete with a breathtaking 2,500 foot main straightaway for the private use of Thermal members and their guests. This includes three independent circuits with flexibility to run over 20 different configurations. The track is designed to handle anything from F1 to vintage motorsport racing, and is accommodating to drivers at all levels of skill and experience. A designated autocross facility and skid pad are also available for members and guests. The track has been designed for the utmost in safety for car and driver.

The Motorsports Village is the heart and soul of the motorsports component of Thermal. The Tower Building hosts Track Operations, the observation tower, scoring and timing, safety and track controls.

  • Additionally, the Tower Building will be the  Clubhouse of the Motorsports Village that includes the main dining room and lounge, concierge, driving school classroom, event lawns, auto-court, and winners’ circle.
  • The Trackside Garage Building provides wash and detailing services, safety vehicle and equipment storage, track car storage and interim Member car storage.
  • The Tuning Shop includes four working bays for basic maintenance and repairs, as well as an oversized two-bas shop for additional maintenance and Club restoration projects.
  • The Fuel Island is accessible 24-7 and includes standard and racing fuel options.
garage in
garage out

Not only are we lucky enough to have the Track clubhouse at our disposal, but we have our own O’Gara Coach Private Villa. This beautiful Building houses a large multi-car garage downstairs. Upstairs features a resort styled deck that overlooks the track providing an outdoor living room and other living amenities.

thermal villa

Now that the facility has been covered, here is what the track day will consist of.

Arrive at the track facility where our Expert Technicians will check your car over for any safety concerns. The guests are free to roam the facility and enjoy the clubhouse. There will be a ala carte breakfast laid out trackside.  This will get you fueled up and ready for the driver briefing. Here is where we cover the rules and what is expected of everyone.

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Once that is covered and all questions are answered, two groups will be formed. One group will do lead / follow. This consists of the group following one of our expert drivers around the main track, while another O’Gara Driver follows at the back of the group. This ensures that regardless of how hard you want to push your car, we are there to make sure you are safe.

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The second group will go to the autocross track. This is a shorter and tighter track where it is a greater test of handling. Our third expert driver will ride copilot as you navigate the course one car at a time. This is timed so you will be able to watch your progress and complete against the others in your group.

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After an allotted time we have the groups switch places. Then once the groups have hit their time limit we break for lunch. Served trackside, a gourmet meal is prepared to your liking. You are given time to relax and even get some coaching.

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Following lunch we move to open track. This lets drivers choose between autocross and the main track and also let’s them interact with the coaches on a more one on one setting.

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Guests are allowed to race until the facility closes, usually before dark.  From there you will part ways and enjoy the drive back home, hopefully with some new friends and great memories.

This is truly a world class facility and a first class experience, one we hope you’ll never forget.

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