Larry Kosilla, founder of Ammo NYC, takes a paint gauge to two cars in their detailing shop in this video covering his detailing of a Jesko in preparation for a show. The first, a Porsche, registers just under 5.0 mils (1/1000th of an inch) of paint. The next, a Rolls-Royce checks in at 7.3 mils. This Jesko? Its paint is more than 30 mils thick. 

“The paint is the thickest and most robust of any production vehicle on the market today,” said Kosilla, “I’ve polished a lot of cars, and this one in particular is very resilient. You can just feel how heavy it is.”

Photo by Keno Zache

Kosilla says it has 20 coats of base, one coat of pearl (which makes up the most of what you see), then one of champagne (for the fleck). Then, on the dark panels, it has a coat each of grey, blue and green. The color is then covered in nine layers of clear coat. Just wow.

Photo By Keno Zache