Located within the rural forest of France’s Chateau de Ebaupina lies the design concept of livable treehouse modules called “The Enchanting Nest” by Studio Shanil. 

Shanil Riyaz and the design team created this collection of tiered nests amid the surrounding trees and historic castles of southwestern Farnce. This whimsical design is set to bring in tourism to the rural areas including Vibrac, Mothe Chandeniers and Ebaupinay. These tourist-invoking tree houses would highlight the small, surrounding towns as they capture the atmosphere of living within the trees and absorbing the beauty of the nearby castles. 

The concept of the tiered nests aims to showcase different levels of views from the lower ground and stream below, a rolling hillside, neighboring castle, or a treetop view of the forest. With each climbing level comes a new view into the natural world outside, ending in a rooftop terrace suspended in the canopies. The enchanting design is a trip down memory lane with the fantasy of living in your childhood treehouse – an example module includes a 4-level design with Washroom, Living room and Kitchen, Bedroom, and Terrace. 

The highly adaptable nature of the design and various design possibilities were a challenge for the Studio Shanil design team. As the concept for different tiers and levels for different experiences was the focus, the module also needed to be efficient and cohesive to be able to live in, with easy access to all layers of the layout.  

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