Designed by Mahmoud Sherif and nicknamed “The Director Will Be Here Shortly”, this beautiful, rugged structure sits above the rocky coast of southern Iceland. Overlooking the vast Reynisfjara beach and  surrounding waters, the exposed, cement architectural feat showcases a minimal housing shell with a cave-like ambience. Residing within the rocky cliffs, the mysterious location compliments the dark, coastal atmosphere. 

The brutalist structure is a memorizing architectural design using natural features of tiered stone, shadows, and rock formations to seamlessly blend into the Icelandic surroundings – almost appearing to have came out of the earth itself. The inside living space mimics the outside volcanic remains of Reyinsfijara with creeping vines, contrasting LED lighting, rough, cement walls and flooring, and an impressive, sculpted copper staircase giving warmth to the interior.  

An ideal, isolated escape, Mahmoud Sherif’s oceanside space blends in with the stunning, Iceland nature while hosting upscale, technical features and rugged design elements. 

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