At the O’Gara Collective, we love motorcycles. Especially ones that are new and innovative. Some that we choose to feature are simply due to their retro style, and some are at the forefront of technology and design. The Luna by Tarform is both.

Offered in two distinct styles with very different objectives, the Luna is offered in both Racer and Scrambler configurations. The Racer is meant for agility on the streets, while the Scrambler is likely to live its days off road and on adventures

Based in Brooklyn, Tarform has released the production version of its retro-themed electric cafe racer, the Luna. The Luna packs a 55 horsepower motor and 10kWh battery pack, good for up to 120 miles of range. This also propels the rider to 60 in 3.8-second, and a top speed of 95 MPH. Tarform focused on sustainability in both the motor and build materials. Featuring a vegan leather seat, recycled aluminum, and a flax weave that reinforces the composite body panels. The frame is TIG-welded aluminum, and the Founder’s Edition features Ohlins suspension and ISR brakes. A 3.4-inch HD display has wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, with haptic blindspot detection and keyless proximity starting.

The Tarform Motorcycle stands out because it’s designed for evolution of technology, much like Tesla. For instance, the battery pack can be upgraded as technology gets more efficient. The bodywork can be changed for a new style and software can be updated for a smarter ride. These are just some of the innovations Tarform brings to the motorcycle world. Currently taking preorders with a $500 deposit, the bike should start delivery in 2021 with a price of $24,000. Click HERE to preorder.