A trusted O’Gara Partner, Suzie Turner Couture creates personally and impeccably designed gowns, composed by the most skilled hands, finest fabrics, intricate embroidery, and lavish embellishment. 

O’Gara has proudly partnered with Suzie Turner Couture in their mission to create stunning pieces catering to her clients’ personal style, silhouette, and personality. Deeming as timeliness pieces to be treasure and passed on for generations to come, Suzie Turner has been crafting couture for over 20 years.

“As a young girl I was obsessed with watching classical movies purely for the fashion” she states. “The women were so glamorous and the clothes, whilst not revealing, were cut so well that you could see the actresses form. I used to dream of one day becoming a woman and having that shape.”

As a collaborator between designer and client, Turner is there every step of the way to make every gown a unique, beautiful, and individual creation. “At Suzie Turner Couture we do not have a signature style as a brand.” Turner includes, “we find that every Suzie Turner client is completely different and they have the confidence and freedom to express who they are through their custom ST collection.”

She mentions the turning point in her career was when she made a feather wedding dress and it was featured on the front cover of The Financial Times ‘How to Spend it’ Magazine. Turner states, “It was a couture shoot alongside the world’s best couture houses so it was truly an honor to be selected for not only such a powerful publication, but the front cover; it was also the Christmas edition! This then led to our dresses being showcased in the window of Harrods.”

The Couture business also has a service called Beyond Brand where they understand that the discerning woman of today wishes to create pieces that highlight her personal identity. This service has developed over the years for women that have a unique style in their own right but do not want to be upheld to a certain brand. “This style is timeless and not restricted to being recognized as, for example, Spring/Summer 2020 – think Jackie O. in her clean tailoring which is still relevant today” Turner includes. 

“Like O’Gara brands, where a client might choose a McLaren or a Bentley, we will further personalize our products with accents that are completely one of a kind” says the designer. The Beyond Brand service gives women the opportunity to create their own line of clothing and brand; meeting their own expectations and ideals and capturing their true essence. 

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