Did you make it out to #SunsetGT this past Sunday?!  It was a show you surely didn’t want to miss!  So let us give you an idea of what went down.  Every month we like to give you a little heads up as to what to expect.  In the past we’ve hoped to “Defy your expectations” and invite you to “Cars and Coffee Unlike any other.”  Well this month we just went for it with our “McLaren Takeover!”

On December First we announced the latest addition of McLaren Beverly Hills to the O’Gara Family.  So we figured the best way to celebrate with the public was through the monthly #SunsetGT at Sunset Plaza in partnership with Obica!  We had an amazing turn out of cars but an exceptional amount of McLarens.  I think it’s safe to say that 40 if not owners more made it and had a blast!  And for everyone who brought out a car, thank you so much for your continuous support month after month.

The McLaren Takeover, itself brought quite the turn out of cars!  For McLaren alone we had TWO, not one, McLaren P1GTRs, the Velocity 720s, and the James Hunt M26 all on display! We also secured quite a few amazing cars for you all to enjoy outside of the McLaren world.  We had a Koenigsegg Agera RS stop by, but we had THE Agera RS that broke the world record for the fastest production car speed  It averaged an astounding 277.9 mph in Las Vegas last month with it’s highest mark being 284.55!!  We also had a Koenigsegg CCX (one of 30,) Ferarri 599 Aperta along with an Enzo, and Porsche Singer and RUF, just to name a few.

We hope that everyone had an amazing time at the show, and to see the recap head over to Youtube by clicking HERE and enjoy the gallery below!