At O’Gara we try to offer the best experience in everything we do. Sunset GT is no exception. After the first try at Reinventing Cars and Coffee we leaned a lot. What worked, what didn’t, and how to adapt. We took these new ideas and made our second Sunset GT even better than the first.

For the May edition of Sunset GT we decided to make things much more organized. The first show made us aware of the demand and popularity this show would bring, not to mention the sheer volume of super cars.  To adjust for this we separated the parking lot by brands. This made for some epic visuals seeing things like rows of V12 Lamborghini’s all with their doors up, or a fleet of Rolls-Royces with the Spirit of Ecstasy’s in different colors and finishes.  We had two very special cars arrive that really got the crowd excited. The first was the Maserati MC-12. An incredibly rare sight with only 50 having ever been produced. The second was the Road Legal Mclaren P1 GTR. With 25 GTR’s being produced, only a few are actually road legal. Seeing one of these cars by themselves is special, but seeing them together, that’s unheard of. All and all the show turned out spectacular. With well over 350 cars in attendance this may have been the largest gathering of high line cars at any cars and coffee ever produced. We look forward to seeing what crazy cars show up for our show June 11th.

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