For some time we at O’Gara Coach have wanted to create our own Cars and Coffee event in the City of Los Angeles.  We have scoured numerous locations and have never found a place we could call home. Well in late March, after a meeting with our parters at Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood, that all changed. Sunset GT was born. Putting something of this size together, is no easy task. It took weeks of preparation, including promotional shoots to build buzz around the inaugural event.  We tapped the incredibly popular Obica restaurant to cater the event with coffee and pastries for our guests.  After social media blasts, and calling on clients we felt confident this would be a strong showing for our first ever Sunset GT. We had no idea what was to come. The Sunset Plaza parking lot hold 200 spaces on the top lot, and 300 on the bottom. The event was supposed to begin at 9:00am. By 9:20 the entire top lot was full. We were having to find space for the rarest of rare hyper cars like the Pangani Huayra, and the Ferrari LaFerrari. Wave after wave of the most beautiful cars in the world pulled in to our event hoping to get a space. We soon realized just how badly this city needed an event like this. Below are the highlights from our Event which will be held the second Sunday of every month.  The May show is already looking to outdo April by adding a couple special appearances by cars you’ll only be able to see at Sunset GT. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @Sunsetgranturismo and visit our site for dates and more highlights at  

To view the menu or book a table at the famed Obica on Sunset CLICK HERE