April 8th marked the one year anniversary of #SunsetGT.  It has been one year of bringing together some of the best cars in Southern California.  One year of exotics, and hyper cars, and new model launches.  One year of crazy cars and a lot of fun, and after every show, many people ask, “How are you going to out do yourselves?”  Well for the one year anniversary show… We had as many Bugatti come out to join us as possible!  The Bugatti take over started at the dealership where we took a convoy of 5, being 2 Veyron and 3 Chiron, down Rodeo Dr. to Sunset Plaza for a grand entrance! Awaiting us at #Sunset GT we had even more cars to add to the line up!  This count consisted of 9 Bugatti!  2 Veyron, 1 Veyron Vitesse, 5 Chiron, and the one and only Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, all displayed with the sprawling view of Los Angeles behind.  Of the Bugatti that joined us we had the infamous Hellbee and Hellbug duo, as well as a Chiron with exposed green carbon fiber that made the journey all the way from the bay area to join us!  At the height of the show we unveiled the one and only Vision Gran Turismo and from that point on capturing a glimpse of the vehicle was near impossible.  But at the time of the unveil was the perfect opportunity to take a peek at the rest of the hyper car section. This show may have been our best hyper car section to date.  In addition to all the Bugatti, on display were 2 Pagani, the Huayra Roadster, as well as the Huayra BC, a Maserati MC12, the only 2015 Ferrari Enzo in existence, Ferrari La Ferrari Aperta, a McLaren P1, and a few Ford GT’s! At our next show you can anticipate one of the latest to the hyper car game… We can give you a few hints as to why you don’t want to miss the May #SunsetGT!  The featured vehicle is American made with around 1200hp!  If you have any guesses as to what the May feature vehicle will be, head over to our INSTAGRAM and leave a comment on our last post!  In the mean time enjoy the gallery below: