SubSea Craft is testing the world’s most advanced diver delivery unit – the SubSea VICTA.  

Combining the characteristics of a fast surface craft with those of a submersible, the sea vehicle uses innovation and technology seamlessly from surface to sub-surface transitions. A fly-by-wire control system gives incredible performance letting the 40-foot vessel hit speeds of up to 40 knots above surface, while below allowing 4hrs of endurance to navigate 2 crew and 6 divers for 25nm.  

The VICTA includes a Seatek 725 Plus diesel engine (533kW) with an impressive Rolls-Royce Kamewa FF37 waterjet. The Human-Machine Interface for the vessel is provided through a dedicated command system developed by SCISYS, displaying vital performance, diagnostic and crew status information at a glance. 

Enabling inconspicuous insertion and extraction while being compatible with a standard ISO shipping container, the VICTA hosts operational options to commanders of Maritime, Joint and Special Operations. SubSea’s newly developed technologies will deliver maritime capability ranging from intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition.  

VICTA adds a unique new dimension to maritime operations. For the first time, defense and security organizations can deploy a craft that travels at speed over remarkable distances on the surface, before diving to approach their objective unseen.  VICTA will transform capabilities in high-risk environments. – Chairman of SubSea Craft, Graham Allen.  

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