At O’Gara Coach we pride ourselves on Partnering with the best in the industry.  We believe in bringing together the best of what’s offered and give our clients access to unique events and experiences. Last Saturday was no different. O’Gara Coach La Jolla, Schubach Aviation, and World Renowned Photographer Peter Lik, came together to celebrate the spirit of aviation.

Peter Lik is know the world over for his incredible works of art, mostly in the field of Landscape Photography. He recently released a series devoted to Aviation. Seeing a potential collaboration and a fitting theme, we got in touch with Schubach Aviation. Their incredible hangar and collection of planes would make a wonderful venue to hold a private art showing. To cap off the luxurious event, we provided the newest cars of each brand carried in the La Jolla showroom.

Our goal was to bring together each brands customers and give them a new experience. For us, getting to view prints priced in the Millions, and touring private aircraft, we, along with our clients, loved every minute. Likewise the clients from Schubach, and Lik Gallery were able to see our cars up close, and see how they feel. With gourmet food being served and a scotch tasting available, this event was the epitome of first class.