Joining its sister locations in Malibu and West Hollywood arrives the largest North American SoHo House opening to date – the eclectic, vintage-inspire SoHo Warehouse located in Downtown LA’s growing Arts District.  


A longtime O’Gara partner and international members-only club, SoHo House is bringing an exciting, third California location to an updated 1916 warehouse with well-awaited amenities including a stunning rooftop pool, upscale gym, and an array of custom bedrooms.  

The space was renovated and designed in-house by Soho House & Co and local firm KFA to elevate the previous warehouse paying homage to the surrounding arts community.  

SOHO House Downtown Los Angeles

“The industry is evolving and growing, and we’re seeing more creative people, whether they’re filmmakers, screenwriters or actors, cultivating their careers in downtown LA as well,” says Samantha Stone, Group Director of Membership“Everything in the Houses, from programming to perks, is directly correlated to their respective local communities. The energy of Soho Warehouse embodies its local members and what they want out of the club.” 


Much larger than the other Southern California locations, the 7-story, 80,000-square-foot space hosts different style lounges, dining options, gym, courtyard cafe, rooftop pool and patio, 48 bedrooms, and a series of club spaces designed for members to meet and gather.  

Starting above, the 50-foot pool and sun deck overlooking the city is furnished with retro-printed day beds and chaise lounges mirroring a glam, Old Hollywood feel. “This is super ’60s and ’70s-inspired furniture. It’s very like poolside Slim Aarons,” said Candace Campos, US Design Director.  

SOHO House Downtown LA

Furnished and built to resemble artist lofts, the bedrooms in SoHo Warehouse feature both vintage and custom pieces to incorporate a more cultured aesthetic. “We don’t want our houses to feel so brand new. That’s why we put so much vintage furniture in them; they just feel lived in, mentions Campos. You can expect the same ultra-luxe amenities SoHo House is known for including rainfall showers, king-size beds, and Cowshed bathroom products. The higher end suites replicate residences with a kitchenette, dining area, powder room, walk-in closet and a gorgeous free-standing bathtub to give you that glamorous, Hollywood-era vibe.  

Further down levels include sitting areas with a metallic fireplace, a sun-lit bar, gym, and a Mediterranean-Style garden cafe with delicate olive trees, jasmine and lounge sofas. Sophie​ Latapie, Soho House’s West Coast Communications Manager, describes the space “This green oasis in such an urban landscape is really unexpected and something the neighborhood doesn’t have too many of. 

SOHO Warehouse Downtown Los Angeles


Honing in on the Art District origin, the SoHo in-house team used local artists and custom pieces produced in LA to complete the entire space with a more vintage feel compared to the other locations. Hues of dark blush, charcoal, cream, and teal are incorporated as well as Art Deco murals and prints. “In the 1970s, it became this artists’ recording studio, for squatters, artists’ lofts and stuff like that,” says Campos. So, we were really interested in both the 1920’s — the start of this building — and then the ’70s in terms of how we wanted to design the space, influenced by that.”  

Feminist wallpaper made by L.A. artist Genevieve Gaignard are used in the warehouse design along with murals made by street artist Shepard Fairey, best known for his Obama “Hope” graphic. The main Drawing Room will host artistic events, workshops, and musical performances complete with an impressive pink stereo art installation and Japanese metallic-tiled fireplace.  

SOHO House Downtown LA

Campos notes the importance of keeping the original neighborhood details; All exposed brick walls, including graffiti tagged before we moved in, remain untouched. We kept the graffiti not only because we loved it visually, but also because it nods to the street art culture of the neighborhood. 

O’Gara Coach is excited to start hosting private events and collaborations at the  new SoHo House Warehouse location. 

To learn more about SoHo Warehouse in Downtown LA, please click here