Passerbyers in Seoul’s mega-populated Coex Square are experiencing what looks like a massive ocean wave crashing about in an elevated, enclosed aquarium. What is actually a incredible anamorphic illusion on South Korean largest advertising screen, the local digital design firm, d’strict has brilliantly create a new form of visual canvas.

In a wonderous and incredibly entertaining installation, the company has combined art and tech in a massive 80.9-meter wide X 20.1-meter high digital billboard. 

Installed in 2018 by d’strict, the wraparound screen of the Coex Atrium normally uses holograms and projection mapping to bring the wildly popular K-pop videos to life in the heart of Seoul, South Korea. In the new Wave LED illusion, the out-of-place ocean wave sloshes around the deceptive aquarium seeming to spill over in the below Gangnam District. 

The growing commoditization of this type of digital architecture using LED walls is rapidly expanding over Asian countries, highlighting a new type of advertising medium that is both mesmerizing and captivating.