Weeks ago, Rolls-Royce North America received a hand written letter from Jim Cowhey’s second grade class at Highlands Elementary School. The letter, requesting more information about the iconic brand, inspired Elizabeth Williams, the Product Communications officer at Rolls-Royce North America. Most of the celebrity’s and companies who receive these letters, send back brochures, posters, and other things the kids can have. Well for the 7 and 8 year olds currently in Mr Cowhey’s class, Elizabeth decided to provide them with something  a little more memorable.


It was decided that two Dawn’s would be used to give the class the once in a lifetime experience. The famed dropheads provided the room needed for the curious kids to move a little more freely as they explored the hand tooled interior. Elizabeth had reached out to our Rolls-Royce La Jolla Brand Manger asking if we would like to be involved. We didn’t give it a second thought.


Upon arrival at the Elementary School, based in Spring Valley we were greeted by Mr Cowhey. He thanked us for coming and asked to move to a more private lot where the children would be able to come out of their classroom and see the two cars we placed before them. When the door swung open, the students, who were unaware of our arrival, sprinted towards the cars and let out screams of excitement. What you see below are some of our favorite photos showing just what these cars can mean to even the youngest of car fans.