Automobile design. Something that was widely celebrated around the world during the mid century. Back then car companies took risks, made statements, and were’t afraid to make something beautiful. The years that followed saw fins disappear,  hard lines softened, and inspiring shapes become almost non existent. Enter Sasha Selipanov, the rebel designer who’s name stands behind some of the most iconic cars to be released in the last decade. Someone who isn’t afraid to take risks, make a statement, or create something beautiful. And he just landed himself  the role of lead designer at one of the most exciting car brands in the word, Koenigsegg Automotive. 

Back in 2004 when graduating from art school and working for a major automaker, Sasha was inspired to do more. In his spare time he was designing modern interpretations of iconic cars from the 60s like the Ferrari 250 GTO.  It wasn’t until 2010 that Sasha was able to work on something more stimulating than the everyday passenger cars he had been focusing on. He joined the Lamborghini Exterior design team in Sant’Agata, Italy to work on what would become an integral part of Lamborghini’s success, the Huracan.  It went on to be one of the best selling cars in the companies history and elevated the brand in terms of design and quality. 

In 2014 Sasha was appointed Head of Exterior Design at the crown jewel of the Volkswagen groups portfolio, Bugatti Automobiles. During his residence at Bugatti, Sasha played huge role in the design of the Vision Gran Turismo Concept, and the Chiron, the successor to the legendary Veyron.

He found himself in 2017 helping redesign the global language for the Genesis brand which based on the reception of the Essentia has a bright future. 

It was finally in October of 2019 that Sahsa got the call he’s been waiting for, Christian Von Koenigsegg.  His first task, help lead the design of the worlds first Mega GT car. The two door, four seater with 1700HP that a few months later would shock the world, the Gemera.  The stats power numbers on the car more closely resemble a military aircraft than car. But that isn’t what makes the car what it is. It’s the design. It’s the car the world didn’t know it needed but can’t wait to see. The future of Koenigsegg is very exciting, and we know who to thank for it.