Rolls-Royce has released an intricate, ultra-limited edition vehicle in the form of a Silver Wraith that one would not first expect from the brand.  

The Wraith Kryptos Collection includes 50 coupes that not only stand out in luxury, but feature a tantalizing series of secret encoded messages that is only to the knowledge of the company’s CEO, Torsten Müller-Ötvö, and Rolls-Royce Bespoke designer and amateur cryptologist, Katrin Lehmann. 

Paying homage to England’s history in cryptography, the collection name is derived from the ancient, Greek name ‘Kryptos’ referring to all that is concealed. While purchasing a Rolls-Royce is already a milestone in itself, this entertaining new element in the limited Kryptos Collection is not only a a vehicle purchase, but also gets you your very own puzzle up to you to decode.  

Out of the select few who get the chance, buyers look to the cipher is featured throughout the car, with Rolls-Royce having only given partial details of where to find it. Owners will be given access to an app in order to play, with Rolls-Royce presenting an undisclosed prize to the first to crack the code. Both beautiful and complexing, the Wraith comes with “an encrypted cipher that evolves throughout the car for the clients’ pleasure and amusement.” 

The puzzle begins with the Spirit of Ecstasy badge at the front of the car with other clues located on the external coach striping, headrests and the illuminated headliner that has been given a new pattern depicting “an in-motion data-stream-inspired motif.” Surprisingly, clues can also be found embedded in flakes of green mica in the Delphic Grey paint. 

While no one has currently cracked the code of The Wraith Kryptos Collection, the coveted answer does exist somewhere in the world – resting in the CEO’s safe within a sealed envelope. 

To learn more about the Rolls-Royce Wraith Kryptos, click here