Lamborghini’s newly developed Essenza SCV12 is the first V12-powered hypercar in a limited edition for track use only. Specially boosted to exceed 830 hp, it is the most powerful beast ever made by Italian engineering. In creating the new Excalibur SC-V12, Roger Dubuis has likewise evolved its Duotor, stripping it down to essentials to enhance performance, while harmonizing the design codes shared by the timepiece and the fearsome speed machine. On your wrist, the timepiece is freed from its upper bridge and reworked in skeleton flying mode shaped like the wheel-rim of the hypercar, the barrel can be viewed from the top as if one were peering through a transparent supercar hood.

Every bit as personalized as the spectacular bolide that inspired it, the Excalibur SC-V12 sounds furiously unique. Through the exclusive “Rarities” program offered by the Manufacture, each lucky owner enjoy the thrill of co-creating a truly one-of-a-kind version of the hyperwatch. Ultimate expression of individual creativity, this concept takes the term “bespoke” into a whole new dimension of ultra high-end personalization: dial, case, strap, functional components, details, colors… imagination is the only limit. To enclose it all, the strut bars on the top of the calibre remain a signature feature of Excalibur Lamborghini-inspired models. Thus inspired by visionary engineers, and crafted by incredible watchmakers, Excalibur SC-V12 resulting from this sometimes diabolical duality is unquestionable proof that Roger Dubuis is without a doubt the most exciting way to experience Hyper Horology.

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