In the world of design, we get a glimpse of what the future may hold for us. Could it include soft, bulbous vehicles and a society like that in Demolition man? We’re already no longer shaking hands. Or would it be more in line with the dystopian universe seen in Blade Runner 2049. Harsh, aggressively sculpted vehicles, that match the society they reside in. Designer 3D-mente’s Rimac Hyper Cyber concept motorcycle feels like the latter. A product of Rimac’s April 2020 design challenge, the angular sharp motorcycle is a stark contrast to other motorcycle concepts to come from 3D-Mente. This beautifully sculpted BMW Concept Bike gives us hope of a future that lies somewhere between hunting cyborgs and a place where Taco Bell is the only restaurant left. Will the Hyper Cyber motorcycle ever see production? Only time will tell.