From October 4th through 6th, McLaren Beverly Hills owners and prospective owners had the opportunity to experience the full capability of McLaren through Pure McLaren at The Thermal Club. As the exclusive driving program of McLaren Automotive, Pure McLaren offers drivers the opportunity to enjoy the exhilarating performance of McLaren road cars in a controlled race track environment. Drivers also had the opportunity to drive track-only cars.

Since the formation of McLaren Racing in 1963, McLaren has made a mark on the racing world through Formula 1, with the McLaren racing team achieving wins in over 180 races and 20 World Championships. Pure McLaren invites drivers to experience the dynamic abilities of McLaren which have earned the cars their reputation. McLaren Beverly Hills was thrilled to offer guests an opportunity to partake in this legacy through Pure McLaren at The Thermal Club.

During the experience, a team of McLaren Driver Coaches helped drivers hone their racing skills both on and off the track, providing expert guidance on maximizing driving performance. For those who wanted to push the limits of their performance, McLaren’s Performance Academy also provided drivers with a graded program of one-to-one driver training. The elite program, featuring comprehensive race preparation, an in-depth strategic planning session and six official races, allows drivers to upgrade to a National A License and begin competing in motorsport events as professional drivers.

Registration for the next Pure McLaren event at Circuit of the Americas on November 7th- 10th is now open. 

Drivers can also register now for the December 17th McLaren Beverly Hills Driving Experience at Thermal.

Below are highlights from Pure McLaren at The Thermal Club: