At O’Gara Coach we get special requests. Some are easy to manage and simple to provide, while others can be a little more involved. This kind of request though, makes what we do all the more fun and exciting. One of our newest clients had recently purchased a brand new Aventador SV Roadster.  He requested that we have a small gathering for his family and friends and do a proper unveiling of his new pride and joy. So with drinks flowing, hors d’oeuvres being passed, and camera’s ready, we made him feel as special as the car he just bought.

The stage was set for a great evening. We arranged the showroom with only a couple cars and made the masked SV the star of the show. We had specialty cocktails being mixed, and delicious small bites being plated. Now we wait for the guest of honor to arrive.

Shortly after 6 pm people began to arrive, including the man of the hour. Guests we’re able to not only enjoy each others company but also get a chance to look over some of the newest Lamborghini’s we have to offer.

When the time was right, we had everyone gather around to witness the special moment. Edoardo Piscopo, Lamborghini Beverly Hills Brand Manager, stepped forward to say a few words and introduce the new owner to his new vehicle. With music playing, the models revealed the hidden beast and showed everyone why this car is so special. After a round of applause he took the keys and did exactly what we were hoping for. He jumped in, fired it up, and let everyone within a 5 block radius hear that v12 scream.  After everyone’s hearing recovered, a bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII was presented as a gift from one of the owners close friends.  With some of the worlds finest Cognac being sipped, and conversation being had, there seemed no better way to cap off an incredible night.

Congratulations sir. Many happy miles and memories.