Amid the isolated Covid-19 pandemic, the Ukrainian design team at Dezest has created a stunning vision of a forest retreats labeled as the Pine Cove House.  

Pictured as an escape from congested metropolitan areas, where the air is more breathable and the green more abundant, this break-taking architectural project is worth marveling over. The Dezest team comments on the design: “Even at a distance of several kilometers from the metropolis, the air becomes much cleaner, the atmosphere is calmer and wonderful places for relaxation and walking open up. 

Highlighting it’s glass and concrete features, the Pine Cove House is a vast, modern cottage in encompassed by dense forest. With floor-to-ceiling windows and open air areas, you feel in the midst of the mountainous environment while still having luxury amenities. The architects focused on creating the living space as a wide spread “village” with separated areas and corridors for a multitude of spaces for relaxation with maximum privacy. The widespread design incorporates open areas of the natural vegetation to feel even more enveloped in the landscape. 

Made up of different areas including poolside, spa & relaxing, common living, private rest area, and more, the double-height wall proportions bring in natural light with views of the dense, outside forest. While the serene setting of forest green and towering pines give you a much needed breath of nature, the heavy and stark design of concrete and glass make this a beautiful juxtaposition of an architectural masterpiece.  

To learn more about the Pine Cove House, please click here.