Petersen Automotive is one of the Premier Automotive Museums in the world and a long time parter of the O’Gara Group. During this time where visits to the gorgeous facility are restricted, Petersen decided to crack open their archives and share some motorsports history with us all.

Ken Miles was a British sports car racing engineer and driver best known for his motorsport career in the US and on the international scene. He is an inductee to the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America. Miles career and personal story have recently made a resurgence due to the success of the Ford vs Ferrari movie. In the movie Miles is played by award winning actor Christian Bale. It tells the story of not only Miles brilliance as an engineer and race car driver, but also his connection with legendary builder and driver Carol Shelby. Shelby was best known for creating arguably one of the most iconic American cars ever, the Shelby Cobra. The video above goes into the history of not only the car itself but Miles involvement.

We at O’Gara love racing and especially it’s heritage. Our own involvement in motorsports isn’t just our new facility at Thermal Club, or competing in Lamborghini Super Trofeo. It dates back to our founder, Tom O’Gara, watching Can-Am races as a kid at Road America.

We thank Petersen Automotive Museum for sharing with us this incredible piece of racing history and hope you enjoy.