Parents are often left wondering why their most practical baby accessories can’t be stylish too. The answer comes in the form of the Bentley Trike, which combines elegance with functionality through a highly adaptable design that transforms throughout a child’s early years. Bentley design elements render the product unique and exciting, both to fans of the brand and those looking for something unique. Favorite exterior paint colors from the real Bentley Motors palette can be chosen, so you can match your car to your trike.

Little ones and parents alike will be excited both for the big adventures, as well as for their regular walks and school-runs.   Babies from 12 months and up can sit in parent-controlled mode with the seat switching from rear to forward facing at a touch of a button. As an infant continues to grow, footrests can be adjusted and eventually removed to make space for use of the pedals. Once toddlers can pedal by themselves, the push-bar can be discarded to allow freedom, while safety guards remain in place.

Older toddlers can give pedaling a go without back support and harness, allowing their confidence to grow and grow in tricycle mode.   A luxurious aesthetic option for parents looking to keep their child safe and comfortable, while giving them room to learn over the course of their early years. The available trike colors mimic genuine paint colors from the array of exterior paint options available to customers of Bentley cars. 

Lead by example: Bentley design inspiration 

Bentley Motors has a passion for exquisite design and has made it a lifelong mission to bring this to each and every product and aspect of the brand. The design of the Bentley Trike mimics aspects of the Bentley Motors model line-up. The Bentley Trike wheels are inspired by the distinctive wheels on Bentley’s most iconic cars.    The iconic Bentley ‘B’ adorns the centre cap of each wheel, the Bentley wings logo takes prominent position in the centre below the handlebars, and the ‘BENTLEY’ name is painted across the frame of each stroller-tricycle. 

An array of colors and contrast stitching options are available to customers of the tricycle that mirror some of those on offer to customers of Bentley cars. Choices include: Dragon Red with grey seat and red stitch, Spruce (green) with green seat and brown stitch, Onyx (black) with black seat and white stitch, White Satin with brown seat and white stitch, and Sequin Blue with grey seat and blue stitch.

Each main shade is carefully color-matched to Bentley exterior paints and named after some favorites within the range – to delight both adults and children, each for different reasons! The colored seats with carefully chosen contrast stitching mirror the attention to detail found within the interior cabin of a Bentley car.