Last Thursday we spent some time with the British Consulate! They were celebrating their annual #GREATShowcase night, where they brought the greatest of their heritage under one roof.  Thank you to Consul General Mike Howells, for hosting the event in his home.  A home that provided a perfect backdrop to project the Union Jack.  The sponsors included the finest of British Menswear, food, and much more, but there were a few sponsors that caught our eye… I’m sure most of you Aston Martin fans have heard of the latest for the Vantage, but have you had the chance to see it in person?  If you’ve missed the chance to see the Vantage at #SunsetGT then this event would have given you another opportunity!  The company The Mill works in the realm of augmented reality.  What does that mean exactly one may ask.  Well to put it simply, they created the new Vantage out of thin air!  They brought a bare vehicle chassis, called the Blackbird.  The Blackbird is the worlds first fully adjustable car rig that creates photo-real CG cars.  The rig is covered in a graphic that was easily captured, processed and read by their camera rig and computer.  The camera sent the information to their program that then POOF! On the TV screen in front of the crowd, appeared you next to the 2018 Aston Martin Vantage.  The program also gave the opportunity to choose the color options on the car inside and out.  The participant now had a platform to see themselves with a product that has yet to reach the market! Another vendor that seemed too good to be true was Seedlip.  Seedlip is the worlds first distilled non-alcoholic spirits, also based in the UK.  The Gin and Tonic didn’t miss as beat!  And we were able to drive home safely at the end of the night. If you’re looking for an alcohol substitute Seedlip is the way to go.  To experience the product for yourself, Los Angeles has 2 bars serving this delicious product; The Walker Inn and Harvard & Stone.  CLICK HERE to learn more.