Starting back in the early 1960’s, aerospace manufacturer, Learjet, started a revolution in luxury business aviation. With the arrival of their newest Learjet 75 Liberty in partnership with Bombardier comes an innovative design with updated qualities. 

Scheduled to begin service later this year, the $9.9 million aircraft offers a midsize airframe and cabin but with the operating costs of smaller light jets. The newest addition to Learjet feature many enticing selling points including its lower price and competitive operating costs.  

“The Liberty offers the best speed and range of any aircraft in the light jet segment,” says Bombardier spokesperson Louise Solomita. “With its six-seat configuration, it features the segment’s first executive suite, where passengers can stretch out.” 

The jet also features an updated flight deck, a quiet and spacious Executive Suite in the forward cabin, the four-seat Club Suite in the aft cabin, and more. The space hosts high connectivity, an extremely smooth ride, and is only light jet certified to the highest safety standards 

Learjet converted the midsize Learjet 75 into the super-light-jet 75 Liberty by retaining the airframe and engines while removing seats, the auxiliary power unit, the external accent lights and the lavatory sink. The aerospace manufacturer has high hopes for the newly released jet despite some setbacks in the market and future spending expectation.  

If theres one name associated with business jets, its Learjet,” says Rolland Vincent, president of aviation consulting firm Rolland Vincent Associates. The brand equity is so strong I know many owners who call their aircraft a Learjet, even if its built by another manufacturer. 

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