One of O’Gara’s favorite GT’s has just been exceptionally upgraded in the new Bentley Continental GT Mulliner.  

Handcrafted by one of the oldest automotive coachbuilders in the world, Bentley Motors has redefined their everyday driver vehicle with upscaled craftsmanship and ultra-luxe details. The rare Bentley GT Mulliner has been built in your choice of a V8 or W12 engine by Crewe engineers and experts. Styled in an even more sleek design, the Mulliner Package includes enhanced features, bespoke tailoring options, and limited-edition color combinations to heighten your luxury grand touring – personalized your way.  

The sculpted body of the Continental GT Mulliner is made even more distinctive through exclusive Bentley Mulliner detailing, such as branded wing vents. The Grand Black Veneer fascia hosts an overlay of the vehicle silhouette which shows a symbol of its exclusivity within the Bentley range, while a chrome Bentley ‘B’ overlays in the waistrails. 

Typical for Bentley upscale comfort, the interior cabin hosts the most exquisite details. An all-new Diamond Milled Technical Finish sits on the center console, deep pile Mulliner floormats featuring contrast micro-piping, and a chrome Bentley ‘B’ retention caps are featured from the ground up. 

Bentley Mulliner artisans input eight exclusive seating and trim color combinations, each with a unique 3-colour split. These new color shades are inspired by European luxury such as French fabrics and summer getaways. The Cambric colourway, for example, features hides of Beluga and Linen with a refined Gold accent for a tri-tone combination, evocative of summertime in the south of France. The brand-new driver’s instrument panel also showcases an exclusive brushed metallic finish with newly styled dials. 

From mood lighting and illuminated sill plates that bear the Mulliner name, to hand-stitched headrests, embroidered with the distinctive accent color of your chosen interior colourway, every inch of the Bentley Continental GT Mulliner is redefined for personalized extravagance. 

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