“Pick, place – and live anywhere”. This is a motto that company Nestron House followed when building the Neutron Cube Two Tiny House – the first fully prefabricated, integrated and equipped smart house in the world with zero construction required. 

Designed in Singapore and built in Shenzhen, China, Cube Two follows the construction of the original Cube One design. Nestron allows customers to choose their compact housing from their catalogue, will ship it anywhere in the world, and the housing unit comes fully furnished and ready to live in. 

The Cube Two Tiny House encompasses well thought out design without sacrificing space in a futuristic housing component perfect for minimalists on the go. The “tiny house” comes fully furnished with sink, dining table, sofa, wardrobe, shower and more in a layout of Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bar Counter, and Bathroom. Weighing an average of 7000kg, the smart house hosts a small-scale dimension of 8700mm length × 3400mm width × 3100mm height.  

Compact yet thoughtfully spaced out, the 263-square-foot interior hosts enough space for a family of 3-4 members with two bedrooms and larger open living area. The tailor-made furniture optimizes each inch of space for maximum functionality with stylish comfort. Even more, a specially designed skylight dome fills the space with natural sunlight during the day and the glow of stars at night. The interior space of C2 is both light and bright with a myriad of windows to resist feeling constricted within the house. Along with the futuristic design elements, modern renovations and high-quality appliances enhance the tech-advanced space that is controlled by an AI assistant named “Canny”.  

Suitable for all types of living environments and outside climates, the Cube Two Tiny House includes insulation system in walls, double-tempered glass, and fitted doors guarantee the highest possible comfort. The Nestron architects designed the tiny home with a one-piece steel construction with high quality materials, guaranteeing the highest level of safety with both fireproof and earthquake-resistant standards. 

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