On this weeks edition of “Turn Back the Odometer” we go back to one of our favorite places in the world, Monterey Car Week. The year is 2017 and some of our brands have just unveiled what would be massively important new models. The Rolls-Royce Phantom 8, the Aston Martin DB11 and the Delivery of the First Bugatti Chiron. As August passes us by, we look back on Pebble Beach with fond memories and a hope that we are able to get back there in 2021.

Monterey Car Week,  the largest and most prestigious car gathering in the world. The series of events held during that week bring together some of the most elusive and expensive automobiles in history.  Mind boggling displays of automotive wealth and ingenuity are common place not only at exclusive events like Quail, but in the streets of Monterey and Carmel. You don’t need a billionaires bank account to see and appreciate the amazing cars that converge on this quiet beach town. That is what makes this week so special. It brings together car enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Below are highlights from the events and private showings held last week.

Friday morning is home to what has become one of the most popular shows of Monterey Car Week. The Quail, is a show with limited tickets, and unlimited potential. It has slowly become the place to be seen and for car makers to show off something extra special.  There were incredible displays by many of the brands we carry including Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, and Koenigsegg. Between the magenta colored dawn, and the display of over 15 various Koenigseggs, this Quail was truly something to be seen.

The other main attraction and capstone of the weekend, is the Concours d’Elegance.  Held on Sunday, this is possibly the most prestigious non racing automotive competition in the world. Owners bring out their finest cars to be judged and awarded based on class. The top from each class is then whittled down a step further and Best in Show is awarded. Featuring mostly pre-WWII era cars, it gives attendees a vision into the past and were some of today’s modern masterpieces get their influence.

Popular amongst manufactures is to lay claim to a special location or villa for the week. This allows them to set up special displays and host clients and guests in their own special way. These are also usually the locations where party’s or special concerts are held.  Showing clients a unique or special time is a great way to ensure brand loyalty.  By the end of Sunday we were all exhausted but once again blown away at not only where the automobile industry is going, but where it has been.