The surreal, architectural feat designed by MIA is a regular office space that beautifully mirrors the surrounding, natural environment. An unlikely design scheme for the area, the building blends seamlessly into the nearby greenery and autumnal landscape, resulting in the ideal workspace for ultimate peace of mind.  

The building was constructed in a thick, wooden frame filled with insulation, making it particularly energy efficient. The use of this constructive principle also made it possible to reduce the construction time to a period of +/- 3 months. The project by MIA consists of the construction of a volume intended to house the spaces of an architect’s office, a meeting room and technical premises. 

Access to the space is through a metal grating walkway above the below grass, leading to the large wooden door to enter. The large box-like design highlights the gorgeous fauna through a “mirror skin” enclosing the entire design. A large wood-frame windows bring in open views of the sunlit landscape during the day, and the moonlit surroundings at night. Another interesting add on for privacy – the other windows are hidden behind the translucent skin (SGG Mirastar® glass) and are only visible after dark. 

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