The DB11 is Aston Martin’s newest addition to their already stellar lineup, and successor to the famed DB9. A 600HP V12 monster, wrapped in a design that feels both modern but keeps in tact the classic lines that made Aston Martin a legend. In order to properly introduce this masterpiece to the public, Aston Martin placed cars at multiple locations around Los Angeles. This gave prospects and Aston owners the ability to really get a feel for and properly meet the new DB11.   Two of the locations included in this Meet the DB11 tour are featured here. The first, is a place that rely’s heavily on discretion but is well known in the industry. Auto Concierge in Santa Monica is more than just storage. They provide transport, maintenance, vehicle care and exercise. They house some of the most incredible vehicles made and have a lounge area that rivals most man caves. We had cars staged outside the unmarked front entrance, and inside amongst the other high caliber cars. For more information about Auto Concierge CLICK HERE .  

  The Second location was brought to us by our friends at Partners Trust and The Malibu Life. A stunning home in the Pacific Palisades overlooking the ocean and Santa Monica. The 10,000 SqFt Manor had the look to complement the modern GT car, and make it look right at home in the driveway.  This location was the perfect spot to give drivers the ability to hit the coast highway and see how the car handled while taking in a stellar view.  This campaign was a great success and gave past and future Aston clients the chance to experience everything the new DB11 brings to the table.  

For more information on the Estate shown below CLICK HERE.