For this weeks Turn Back the Odometer post we feature the First Lamborghini Centenario Coupe to be delivered in the nation. Almost three years ago this incredible yellow monster landed at our service center and it was on of the most stunning cars we had ever seen in person. Enjoy this look back.

At O’Gara we get access to some of the most exclusive cars made by our core brands. It helps to consistently be one of the if not the top dealer for every brand we carry. Last week we received a rather large package, and what was inside, was something truly epic.  

The Lamborghini Centenario, a car paying homage to what would have been the 100th birthday of founder Ferruccio Lamborghini.  The 770HP naturally aspirated V12 makes this the most powerful Lamborghini ever produced.  The body was designed to be just as extreme as the motor it surrounds. Only 40 Centenario’s will be produced with 20 in roadster and 20 in coupe body style.  Of the 20 coupes produced, only 4 will make it stateside and of the 4 only one is painted with the rest being a gloss carbon finish.  The owner of this masterpiece opted for Nuovo Giallo Orion Yellow.   The unboxing process was a delicate one. Never before had I personally see a car delivered in a giant box on the back of a flatbed. With the help of a rather large fork lift the box was on the ground and the disassembly could begin.  

Once the box was apart we stared at the covered car waiting to see it in all of it’s glory. Slowly pulling back the cover we couldn’t help but start clapping as we stared in awe at one of the most extreme but beautiful cars we had ever seen.  

    The car was started and the V12 screamed to life louder than any production Lamborghini currently available.  Slowly it pulled off the box it had arrived in and made it’s way into our service center to begin the PDI process.  

  The following morning I arrived early before the shop was open to get the dramatic shots and really show off what makes it so incredible.  After almost two hours of shooting from various angles using different lighting techniques it was time to leave the car and begin the editing process. Below is the result of the shoot and we are excited to share it.