McLaren owners love their cars.  It’s as simple as that.  When it comes to the brand that originated from racing, the cars are meant to be on pavement.  And this weekend we learned that the canyons of Malibu are just as good of a setting as the track! The drive consisted of rallying to our lunch destination of Nobu with a group of 20 McLarens.  There was a fantastic representation of the McLaren model range present, with 2 McLaren P1s, a few 675 LTs, many 570s coupes and spiders, and many 720s! The Nobu parking lot was a car show itself!

The rally started with #SunsetGT, the cars and coffee put on once a month by us here at O’Gara Coach.  There, the drivers had the chance to get their morning started with coffee, while it also served as a meeting point for all of the cars.  The drivers meeting concluded the morning at #SunsetGT and the group took off!  The police escort lead the cars out of the show, and from there, we took Sunset Blvd. all the way to the PCH.  The PCH gives us endless options of right hand turns into the canyons!  The first canyon chosen was Las Flores.  Las Flores let us climb up the canyon to breathtaking views, and also served as the bridge for the rally to make it’s way to Mulholland Highway.  As many of you fellow automotive enthusiasts and owners may already know, is where the infamous “Snake” resides.  The group of 20 cars made their way up the Snake with weekend spectators photographing each car that passed!  After the Snake, there was one more canyon to hit before lunch.  Latigo Canyon gave the drivers the chance to experience not only tight and technical corners carved into the canyon side, but also large sweeping bends to really push the car to the limits and feel how grounded they can be at high speeds.

From there the rally took a left on the PCH until Nobu was reached.  Upon arrival the 20 cars were parked and displayed in an amazing location and we then took our clients to a private room. We were welcomed by a breathtaking view of the ocean and the lunch consisted of a deliciously fresh omakase tasting menu.  Straight from the ocean, we had the white fish tiradito and yellowtail jalapeno, but what stole the show were Nobu’s signature dishes; among our favorites were the spicy tuna rice cakes, and black cod butter lettuce.

We can’t wait for the next rally and lunch!  If you want to learn more about upcoming drives, please send an email to  For all McLaren inquires visit our website or contact