The most powerful LT yet. Based on the incredibly powerful 720S, the 765LT pairs a shattering 765HP with fearless engineering resulting in true track performance. Living up to it’s Longtail predecessor, the 765 carries it’s name to produce extreme speed with a unique new body style for a full 360 view alluded to a jet fighter cockpit.

In Episode 3 of the McLaren Tech Club series, Design Director, Rob Melville, talks through the cutting-edge design of the new 765LT and it’s new design features. Focused on being light weight, aerodynamic, and increased power, see the 765 body style updates including extended front overhang, full carbon rear screen, higher downforce and visibility, floating plates, and more.

O’Gara Coach is excited for the delivery of the 765LT in 2020 at all McLaren Beverly Hills and San Diego showrooms.