For this weeks Turn Back the Odometer, we go back to October of 2018, for our first delivery of the incredible McLaren Senna. In order to do this properly we decided to surprise the owner and do a trackside delivery, something we like to offer clients for the ultimate delivery experience. Photos by Robert Grubbs.

O’Gara Coach prides itself in curating unparalleled client experiences. Living up to its reputation as Curators of the Extraordinary, O’Gara Beverly Hills arranged a surprise handover of a Senna to a very special client. The unique experience took place on Saturday, October 6th at the all-new O’Gara Motorsports facility at the Thermal Club.

McLaren Beverly Hills invited the client to experience the McLaren Motorsport division during Pure McLaren, welcoming them to see the cars in an open garage. The client was accompanied by representatives from both O’Gara and McLaren.

The very special car was unveiled at the all-new 14,000 square ft O’Gara Motorsports facility at the Thermal Club, flanked by the likes of P1 GTRs, GT3 and GT4 cars.

Much to the client’s surprise and delight, Jolyon Nash, McLaren’s Executive Director of Global Sales and Marketing, pulled back the black slip to reveal the client’s McLaren Senna.