We at O’Gara are no stranger to special vehicles. Vehicles with a storied history. Vehicles that catch peoples attention. Vehicles with ties to racing. What we received hit all those marks, but was like nothing we’ve ever had before.

A 1972 Ford Condor II arrived at the McLaren Beverly Hills showroom and made quite a splash. Commissioned and bought by Bill Smith in 1972, he was a technical director for McLaren Racing at that time.  The exterior livery/paint is all original, and the Kiwis and pinstripes are all hand-painted.  The interior is all original except for the refrigerator that had to be replaced.

Legendary McLaren racers Johnny Rutherford and James Hunt certainly had team meetings inside the coach with Bill Smith and Teddy Mayer, McLaren Team Principal.  They surely sat in the coach and strategized races they were running here in the United States from 1972 onward like The Indy 500, Can-Am Series, F1 races at Watkins Glen and Long Beach.

Auto racing legend, Roger Penske, also frequented the Condor as he purchased and raced McLaren engines during his campaigns in the early 1970s. Watch the video above for some incredible stories between Penske and now Condor owner, McLaren F1 Team Principal, Zak Brown.