December First, McLaren Beverly Hills has changed as we know it! The franchise is now run and operated by O’Gara Coach. To welcome customers to the recent changes we decided to host an open house. Inspired by the McLaren display at Pebble Beach this year, we created a display unlike any other.  Orange accents filled the showroom, and cars you can’t see anywhere else were in every direction. 

Our guests were quite excited! We had the James Hunt 1976 M26 on display, along side the 720s Velocity, and a P1GTR all week long for everyone to enjoy. Tuesday we had Spike Feresten from Spike’s Car Radio, with guests CJ Wilson and Paul Zuckerman host their podcast live from the showroom!  While Wednesday was the last day to check out some amazing vehicles. Thank you Clover Juices for the orange colored juice. Thank you Tick Toc for the amazing floral arrangements. And thank you Champagne Billecarte-Salmon for the delicious champagne.