Beverly Hills, CA – December 3rd, 2019 – Luxury dealership McLaren Beverly Hills is gearing up to release three one-of-a-kind McLaren Senna XP cars. The McLaren Senna XP is the most track-focused road car McLaren has ever built, and consistently sets the fastest lap times of any McLaren to date.

Only 500 McLaren Senna’s were made available globally during the cars limited production run, and all were snapped up by enthusiasts before production even began in 2018. McLaren’s XP cars are traditionally even rarer and are the factory experimental prototypes and initial test cars that are re-built to individual customer specifications after the model program is completed.

Named after one of McLaren’s greatest racing drivers, iconic F1 pilot Ayrton Senna, the Beverly Hills XP vehicles are inspired by three of the most remarkable achievements in his racing career. Each car features a full exposed gloss carbon body with unique paintwork detailing matching the hosting countries colors of that Grand Prix. The flags of these countries are hand painted on the rear wing which together with the exquisite detail airbrushed onto the interior extended carbon fibre sills, shows the racing exploits of the great man. These features and the fully bespoke interiors in matching tinted gloss carbon fibre took the craftsmen and women 780 hours to create. The finishing touches are bespoke brake calipers, steering wheels with special 12 o’clock markers, etched accelerator pedals, headrests embroidered with the nation flag and name of theme and a special 1 of 1 dedication plaque, signifying that this is a truly unique car.

The first named Master of Monaco celebrates his six wins, five of which were consecutive victories, between 1989 and 1993 at the iconic street circuit Considered by most as requiring more concentration over a single lap than any other circuit, the drivers get  closer to the barriers than at any other Grand Prix. In 1988, Ayrton qualified on pole by over 2 seconds driving what he later said was “well over something conscious”.

Finally, the third model called Home Victory (vitória em casa, the Portuguese translation of  Home Victory) pays homage to Ayrton’s home country of Brazil and his first home win in 1991. Against all odds, Ayrton won the Interlagos race with only 6th gear left in the final laps and with competitors catching up to him, his superhuman effort and great luck led him to win the emotional race. “I only returned to reality when I saw the finish line” he stated. “Then I felt happy to be alive, to be in Interlagos, in my homeland, and with my happy compatriots. It wasn’t the greatest victory of my life, but one where I gave everything I had.”

These extraordinary cars are exclusive to O’Gara Coach and McLaren Beverly Hills and have an MSRP of $1,435,328. They will be displayed at O’Gara Coach’s upcoming Sunset Granturismo on December 8th for the Southern California car community to enjoy and view up close.