As Covid-19 has devastated our communities many are left uncertain about the future ahead. We continue to see the impact of this throughout our communities and businesses, with many companies looking for ways give back and help as they wait patiently for the virus to subside.

The automotive community has seen a drastic change in production, and many are finding ways to keep their employees working as well as help the community by providing support and materials. McLaren has decided to join forces with UK based F1 teams and other automotive companies to find ways to utilize their spaces and factories to produce and provide hospitals and healthcare workers with essential resources to continue the fight against Covid-19.

McLaren engineers have dedicated their time and efforts to producing support equipment such as ventilators, masks, gloves and overalls to provide local hospitals. As healthcare workers work tirelessly around the clock to help save lives, McLaren and others

O’Gara Coach applauds McLaren for joining forces at such a critical time and finding ways to give back to those in need. We are glad to see how companies are able to provide for their communities by using the skill sets of their workers and the equipment at hand.

At a time when our everyday lives have come to a standstill, we are glad to see that when the world is impacted by such a big crisis that people find ways to help each other and keep each other alive.

McLaren Beverly Hills is grateful for our community, clients and hope for the health and well-being of all. We stand with you and look forward to the day when we can come together again to host extraordinary events for you.

We’d love to hear about companies in your area that are giving back and helping their communities.