After months of speculation and anticipation, the first drive reviews of McLaren’s 765LT have landed. It was of little surprise to find out that McLaren’s latest “Long Tail” is a smash hit. Below are excerpts and links to the major publications singing the 765’s praises.


“Capable of razor-sharp, precision driving aimed at stripping lap times to their bare minimum, this McLaren is also capable of tyre-smoking, sideways shenanigans. In short, the 765LT can wear whatever hat you require of it.”


“Ever smiled so much that it starts to hurt? It’s rare to find a car that can make you enjoy yourself that much, and perhaps even rarer for a supercar which usually results in a blend of emotions ranging from exhilaration to fear. However, there was nothing but smiles I found at Silverstone earlier this month driving the 2021 McLaren 765LT…Even knowing the performance stats before jumping in I can’t help but be impressed – and continually have my breath taken away every time I accelerate”

Motor Trend

“Oh yes, a conversation with the 2021 McLaren 765LT is a wondrous thing. It talks to you, this McLaren, the chassis and steering and powertrain and brakes engaging in a deeply meaningful running dialog that lets you know exactly what is happening, and why, all the time. There is perhaps no other roadgoing supercar in the business where the relationship between human and hardware is as expressively intimate as the 765LT.”


“There’s no question: the powertrain is weapons-grade effective and super-responsive…For such a senior-level track car, the McLaren 765LT is surprisingly benign to drive for a relative novice, and yet a pro could spend hours chipping away at a lap time with increasingly white knuckles and widened eyes”

Car and Driver

’Even those who regularly track supercars—or even race cars—will find it an adrenaline-spiking challenge. It might not sit at the top of the McLaren hierarchy in terms of pricing, but it is almost certainly the most thrilling choice in the current range and possibly the entire supercar segment. And thrilling is what cars like this are supposed to be all about, right?’’